Editing some picture of our stay in the South of France.
Travail sur quelques photos prises dans le sud de la France.
Menton, mountain. Another from the sketchbook. Since we were super short on space I didn’t bring any colors.
Un autre dessin du carnet de voyage. Pas de couleurs, je n’ai pas pu en emmener, trop chargés.
From the sketchbook. In the last panel, I draw the clock in the apartment we were staying. No matter how, it keep losing its time, but it was appropriate for a vacation place. 🕓🕟🕜
Dans mon carnet. L’horloge de nos vacances était incapable de rester à l’heure.
Another drawing for my son’s room. Inspired by a Chihiro watercolor. I must say that he love trains. #craypas #pastel #myart #drawing #seaside #art #color #pastelgras
En attendant.
While waiting.